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Privacy Statement

The definitions in our Terms of Use apply to this Privacy Statement.

In order for us to provide the services we offer we may ask you to provide us with information which may include personal data.

This Privacy Statement explains how we use information we receive and governs our use of that information.

Types of Personal Information

We may from time to time collect non-public personal information such as:

Contact details: name, address, contact numbers, email addresses

Demographic details: age, gender, occupation

Product/service use details:  Use of products and services

Financial information: including billing information, transactions and credit card information.


How We Collect Personal Information

We may receive information

from applications, forms, by telephone, in writing or other means including use of this site, the internet and emails.

as a result from transactions with us, or any affiliated business to us or services we arrange.


How We Use Personal information

Data provided is used for the direct purpose for which it was collected or to enable or enhance our ability to support you or your client.

It is released to non-affiliated parties:

to provide products or services you have requested.

when permitted by law.

acting on our behalf including surveyors, data companies and delivery companies.

when it is an implied part of the transaction.

We may occasionally use information to improve our services, provide personalised facilities on our website, for quality control purposes, for market research or for customer analysis.  We also use information for contact purposes including notifying of change of services or products, and we may initiate contact.

We do not supply data to market research companies without permission.

Data will be stored for as long as it is required and may be stored indefinitely, including after our relationship with the person or entity has ceased.


Non-personal Access Information

Parts of this site collect non-personal information for the purpose of measuring site or page activity.

This information is only used for system and network trouble shooting, and statistical purposes.


Cookies are small amount of text accepted by web browser and stored on a computer’s hard drive.  These cookies are often used to measure website activity, progress of transactions, passwords, options and preferences as well as customising information on personal tastes. 

You can decide to reject cookies using your web but many cookie placements are often essential to the correct functioning and use of a website.  Browsers can be set up to accept them only from websites with a published privacy policy which states, as this one does, that they are being used in a benign way.

Other web sites

We accept no liability for the content of, or the use of other websites to which we provide direct links.  These websites may have their own privacy policy.