• Property portfolio managers use title insurance policies as a part of their due diligence process and to facilitate efficient and effective transfer of properties.

• Buyers often use title insurance as a safeguard mechanism in situations that are beyond their control for example when a property has a defect in the title, when sellers give warranties relating to title as well as for tax liabilities.

• Developers use these products to cover pre and post-planning issues and specific potential losses such as those that may arise from judicial review.


Benefits of Title and Search Products

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These products remove the need to undertake a search (no search required policies) or repeating a search (search validation policies).  This cover is often included in lenders title insurance policies and so providing a combined cover policy.

List of Uses

Search Products


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Commercial Title & Search

These products are designed to expedite freehold and leasehold property transactions, remove the risk of financial loss, remove the need to pursue other parties for financial recourse which costs time and money and provides financial security for those involved in property transfers.

The policies mentioned below are usually available separately or combined unless specified otherwise for buyers, lenders, fund managers, property investors, developers, commercial property owners and others involved in the purchase, sale and transfer of property or any rights in property.

• Known Risk Policies

• Unknown Risk Policies

• Securitisation Policies

• Warranty Replacement Policies

• Search products

• Judicial Review

• Combined policies

Policies are available for the purchase of property in the UK and abroad.

Policies are available that insure against known risk and unknown risks at the time cover commences.  Our Types of Risks Covered page lists some of the different risks that insurers will cover.



Types of Policies