It is estimated that around 15% of property transactions have title problems which may prevent transactions from completing or result in financial loss.

Title insurance covers a wide range of problems and there are other contingency insurance policies available that cover a multitude of risks some of which can be found in the Types of Risks Covered (Contingency Risks) category above.

Cover is available for commercial or residential property in the UK and abroad.

The purpose of these insurances is to make the acquisition, sale and financing of property more secure, rapid, easier and cost effective whatever type of property is being transferred for purchasers, sellers and lenders.  There are also benefits to those arranging property transfers because by attaching these products, when for example, there is a necessity to undertake due diligence audits, unknown title defects in a property’s titles and other related contingency risks, such as access problems can be covered and so removing a potential risk for an agent. 


We are an independent insurance intermediary with exceptional experience in understanding insurance policy wordings and have access to insurance companies, Lloyds and specialist schemes.

There are now many different policies and insurance covers available for all types of contingent risks relating to property, life policies, and beneficiaries and so finding the best policy for you or your client can be difficult and time consuming but may need to be undertaken to satisfy your duties to your client.  Matrix can reduce the time and pressure of finding a suitable policy or if necessary compiling for you or your client a portfolio of insurance covers through our knowledge of this unique sector of the insurance market.

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What is Title Insurance & Why is it Needed

You can use the links below to search by various categories for title, search and other land related contingency insurances.  For other specialist contingency insurances please search in the Types of Risks Covered section of this site or contact us if you cannot find the cover you require.


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We are able to provide or arrange Other Services  including Claims Services and legal advice from Counsel.  If you require other types of insurance cover please return to Commercial and Non-Profit Organisations category. 

We seek to obtain competitive premiums for all our clients without compromising cover or service.


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